WhatsApp pe business, aur "Chatech" se success!

WhatsApp ka swag for business! Boost sales, support, and marketing effortlessly. It's not just business; it's a worthy upgrade. Welcome to efficiency with epicness! 🚀


What's in for you?

Some exciting features of Chatech

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Boost Sales

Revolutionize messaging, boost ROI! Maximize impact with bulk messaging, smart retargeting, & automation.
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Personalised marketting

Craft personalized messages that leave a lasting impression. It's not just marketing; it's a personalized journey with every ping!
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Auto-Pilot Mode

Free up your time with automated responses. Your business on autopilot – that's efficiency with a touch of magic.

Core features

Advantages with Chatech


Easy Onboarding and Training

Our expert guidance ensures you navigate the platform with confidence, unlocking the full potential of seamless communication.
Secure payments


Unlock efficiency on autopilot with our automation services, turning routine tasks into streamlined, hassle-free interactions.

Quality features

Meet exciting feature of app

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Instant Message Delivery

No more waiting around! Our fast message service ensures your messages reach your customers at lightining-speed.
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Fast Template Approval

Your creativity meets approval at lightning speed, ensuring your messages are ready to shine in record time.
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Easy link to Meta Ads

Navigate effortlessly with our easy link to meta ads. Connect seamlessly and let your campaigns thrive with simplicity at your fingertips.
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Analytics Extravaganza

Peek behind the curtain and discover the magic of your client interactions with our comprehensive reporting tools.
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Personalized Messaging

Tailor your messages to specific customer segments, increasing the impact of your communication.
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No-code Chatbot Builder

Our no-code chatbot builder puts the power in your hands. Craft dynamic conversations effortlessly, no coding skills required.

Easy Integerations

Seamless third-party integrations to amplify your Business's Tech Stack.

Elevate your workflow with our diverse seamless app integrations, effortlessly connecting your favorite cloud apps into your tech arsenal. Plus, we've seamlessly integrated with BOT PENGUIN to elevate your chatbot process to new heights.


How to apply?

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Discover the Magic!

Ask for a Demo! or contact us to revolutionize your communication startegy effortlessly.

Join the Journey

Ready to get started? Sign up, share your business documents, and let the adventure begin!

Patience Pays Off

Sit tight as our team reviews your application. It takes around 10 days for approval.

Celebration Time

Hooray! Your Business is now live on chatech with a bunch of possibilities to your fingertips.
Wanna get a taste of our WhatsApp automation?

Experience Chatech

Wanna get a taste of our WhatsApp automation?

Real Chat

Building Excellence, One Client at a Time

Whats the function

Let’s see how it works



Buy now at
  • Template Messages and Approvals
  • Multilingual and AI Chatbots
  • Drip campaigns and Message Broadcasts
  • Assistance provided twice a week.



Buy now at
  • Template Messages and Approvals
  • Multilingual and AI Chatbots
  • Drip campaigns and Message Broadcasts
  • Limited assistance four times a month



Buy now at
  • Template Messages and Approvals
  • Multilingual and AI Chatbots
  • Drip campaigns and Message Broadcasts
  • Full assistance provided at anytime

Get your questions answered

Frequently asked question

What is WhatsApp Business API?
The WhatsApp Business API is a tool that enables businesses to interact with customers on the WhatsApp platform, facilitating scalable and personalized communication. It allows businesses to send notifications, provide support, and enhance overall customer engagement.
Is there a post buying monthly service available?
Certainly, we offer a monthly post-purchase service to meet your specific requirements. Explore our pricing section for detailed information. For inquiries, reach out to us at hello@sasahyog.com or call us at +91 9410430383.
What documents will I need to initiate Setup process?
  1. Facebook Business Page for the Merchant.
  2. An Email Id (with website domain).
  3. GST Certificate of Company.
  4. Pan Card.
  5. Company Incorporation Certificate.
  6. Company Address.
  7. Fresh Mobile Number (to be set in your WhatsApp Business account).
  8. A Company logo with dimensions '512*512' and '1024*1024'.
  9. Business Category Website.
  10. Turnaround Time (TAT) for business registration is 10 days after submitting the documents on Facebook.
What if I don't have my text documents?
Collaborating closely with a team of experienced chartered accountants, we offer a range of services, including PAN card registration, Udhyam, MSME, and much more. Let our team assist you in navigating these processes seamlessly.
What if I don't have a website or meta account?
As a team of seasoned professionals, we specialize in providing comprehensive tech solutions for your business needs. From securing a website meta business account to offering a myriad of other cutting-edge services, we are just a friendly "Hi!" away on WhatsApp.